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Explore our exclusive collection of conifers, deciduous plants, evergreens, flowering plants, and holly through our presentation videos. Discover the unique characteristics of each plant and find the inspiration to transform your spaces.

Do plants inspire design or does design inspire plants?

The Design Park is our latest nursery focusing entirely on semi-mature plants, since demand for these is growing significantly driven by expansion in landscaping and, as regards retail sales, by the trend at Garden Centres to customise and complete their range with non-standard products.

The plants are arranged harmoniously on grass beds but there is a vertical layout here. There is sufficient space between plants so every single part of them is in full view. They stand on large cylinders, as the lack of corners facilitates the mechanical maintenance of the grass. 

 All the specimens in the Design Park were grown in the ground and are transplanted into pots a year before they are put on sale, and so they can be transported and planted out all year round. Discover more and ask for your favourite plants

Our plants are precious, lush and robust, but they require expert hands to take root and live long in harmony with the landscape. For this reason, we sell them exclusively through professional figures in the nursery sector. We will be happy to suggest the most qualified nurseries, garden centers or landscaping companies in your area

4 hectares of nursery, 1150 plants between 2.5 and 5 m tall, in containers between 230 and 525 litres

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Every plant has a story to tell, and we are here to help you discover it. Welcome to Design Park by Vannucci Piante, where design and nature meet to create unique and captivating environments. Ask for information and discover your favorite plants today!

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